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to discover the taste of our territory

Agenda 21 Laghi
Agenda 21 is a document made of indicators and objectives on environment, welfare and society subscribed worldwide by over 170 countries during the Conference on Environment and Development in Rio de Janeiro on June 1992.
Agenda 21 “promotes the sustainable development, aiming to satisfy current needs without compromising the ability of the future generations to satisfy their owns”. It urges our sense of responsibility towards future generations and enhances the importance of our land to our own lives.
Agenda 21 Locale is a guiding process at local level to realise developping politics through the attendance of all the local municipalities. A process to constantly continue in searching for new ways to involve locals by giving them the chance to speak up, in order to build up a new citizenship based on real democracy.
Agenda 21 Laghi was founded in 2002 and it is currently composed by 19 municipalities along Lake maggiore,s south-eastern shore.

It is active in the following fields:

  1. The awareness of local environment with studies and researches on the quality of lakes, air and soil, the publication of an environment portal;
  2. The expolitation of the territory, with the project Via Verdi dei Laghi, the books on territorial values, the publication of an environment portal, the project of refreshments at 0 km;
  3. The schooling education on environment via the “small guides of pathways” to raise the attention on the correct use of water, energy saving and sensitive lifestyles.
  4. The use of renewable energies to produce power supply, by installing photovoltaic systems on public buildings of those municipalities participating to the project;
  5. On mobility with steps and initiatives to support the sustainable mobility.

Agenda 21 Laghi is formed by the municipalities of:
Angera, Brebbia, Bregano, Cadrezzate, Comabbio, Ispra, Laveno Mombello, Leggiuno, Mercallo, Monvalle, Osmate, Ranco, Sesto Calende, Taino, Varano Borghi.

The Project at 0 Km

Agenda 21 Laghi puts online a first list of companies in the area of Agenda 21 Laghi that offer local products and seasonal products that do not have to travel long distances on public transport which cause pollutant emissions to the environment and harmful to the climate.
The project KM0, whose name comes from the Kyoto Protocol, was born with two main objectives:

  • raise awareness and promote local products;
  • shorten the distance that products travel to reach our tables significantly contributing to reducing carbon dioxide emissions related to transport.
Eating at zero distance also means saving and fight inflation with prices that should not include costs for packaging, storage, transport and distribution.
As an example, the vending machines to purchase raw milk that promote awareness and safety of the product traceable.
Are also presented with food at the farm where you can find dishes with local produce to zero distance.
Search Products at 0 KM
Carni Meat
Formaggi e prodotti caseari Cheese and milk products
Frutta e verdura di stagione Season fruits and vegetables
Gelati Ice cream
Latte crudo Flour
Latte crudo Fresh milk
Marmellate Marmelades and fruit juices
Miele Honey and hive products
Pesce di lago Lake fish
Pesche di Monate Peaches of Monate (Cans)
Pollame e conigli Poultry and rabbits
Piccoli frutti Small fruits
Salumi e insaccati Cold cuts and sausages
Uova Eggs
Vini e liquori Wines and spirits

Search Producers at 0 KM
Azienda agricola Producers
Agriturismo Farm holdays
Fattoria didattica Didactis farm
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